Sunday, September 14, 2014


Time is the friend time is the foe

Time is the one that watches you go
Like a building on waterlogged land

Just a bit in the beginning, barely it shows
Like a shadow in a crevice or a corner, it grows
Water then creeps, water then crawls
Water then slithers onto the walls
Slinking to the ceiling, leaving its mark
In wrinkles and creases and blisters and scars
The beams will sag and the rafters will groan
And slowly the warping building will moan
Entrapped in a watery bane

Time is a friend, time is a foe
Time is the one that watches you go
In the droop of your shoulders, in the furrows of your brow
In the sighs of your bones as they bend into boughs

And on it flows, through lives dissolved
Like a whisper departing unnoticed, unheard
buildings then crumble, bodies then drop
Somewhere in the silent resonance of a thud.